Grandstream Module d'extension GXP2200EXT - Nouveau projet

Contact : +212 (0) 661 145 938
Conseils et Devis - 9/19H


Contact : +212 (0) 661 145 938
Conseils et Devis - 9/19H
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Grandstream GXV3240
Téléphone IP pour entreprises


  • Écran LCD rétro éclairé 128x384
  • 20 boutons bicolores programmables par module, 2 pages par module (40 contacts au total).
  • BLF (voyants d’occupation)/ de numérotation rapides
  • Possibilité de monter jusqu'à 4 modules en série pour disposer de 160 contacts ou lignes directes
  • BLF (busy lamp field, standard or eventlist) Call Park/Pick-up, Speed Dial, Presence, Intercom, and conference/ transfer/forward and more

Module d'extension

GXP2200EXT delivers additional functionality, versatility and flexibility to Grandstream’s GXP2140 and GXP2170 Enterprise IP Phones and GXV3240 Video IP Phone for Android™. The GXP2200EXT module features a large 128 x 384 graphic LCD and 20 programmable buttons (each with dual color LED). It offers up to 40 extensions per module by using the 2 page switch keys and up to 160 buttons when 4 extension modules are daisy-chained together.This extension module is connected, powered, and controlled by the host phone to provide the benefit of additional extension keys instantly. The GXP2200EXT supports the traditional call features on each of its programmable buttons, BLF (busy lamp field, standard or eventlist), call park/pick-up, speed dial, presence, intercom, and conference/ transfer/forward. The GXP2200EXT is the ideal solutions for any receptionist or businesses managing high call volume. When using the GXP2200EXT, the telephone attendant can ensure maximum productivity by efficiently monitoring and dispatching multiples incoming calls.

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